Send it Lifestyle Introduction - Tour of Cambridgeshire

Send it Lifestyle Introduction

In this blog series we’ll be introducing the #TeamToC ambassadors. You’ll be seeing them and their content across our website and social media channels. They are here to provide guidance, answer questions and inspire you to achieve your goals at #ToC2021 or whatever your cycling endeavours might be. Getting things started are Sophie & Oscar (known as ‘Send it Lifestyle‘ on Instagram). Find out more about them below!


Hi everyone, my name is Sophie. I am a cycling newbie and only started during lockdown!  Before that, I served in the British Army where I spent most of my time as an Adventure Training Instructor and spent my days in the world of sport skydiving. After leaving the military, I have been pursuing a number of adventure style sports as I love the outdoors and the challenges that it brings, with hiking and trail running being my main areas of focus. I ran my first marathon back in October of 2019 having also completed my Personal Trainer qualification that winter. 

This year is when it all changed, as Covid-19 took control of the world and changed any plans and goals I had in place. During lockdown, my partner Oscar and I, dug out my old bike from the shed and decided we would pursue cycling as a new activity for us both to keep ourselves entertained and to help our overall wellbeing both physically and mentally throughout the pandemic. We both quickly fell in love with the sport and the newfound freedom of being able to explore all new areas! Our minds wondered and we started to question what our limits are on a bike with the idea of a 100-mile ride first creeping into our heads. 

I am quite known for being a person who thrives in a go hard or go home situation and The Tour of Cambridgeshire is the perfect event to challenge ourselves and test those limits. So here I am, at the start of this exciting new adventure, preparing myself for my first ever 100-mile bike ride! 


Hi! My name is Oscar, and just like Sophie I picked up cycling during lockdown. Before that, I was a competitive kickboxer and I’ve always enjoyed adventure sports and being able to spend time outside. After stopping kickboxing in 2019 I started running more and more, then during lockdown we decided that we should get some bikes and start riding as we were starting to pick up injuries from the running (A story as old as time itself!). We just fell in love with the sport!

Being able to travel further distances, see more beautiful spots and explore our local area in a way we had never seen before made it a no brainer that this was something we could do together and spend whole days exploring and riding and eating cake! We initially got mountain bikes and loved the ability to go off road but then our eyes turned to road and gravel bikes which we realised would enable us to go further and get cake from cafes further away (more exotic cakes). Soon the idea of a 100-mile ride popped up on our radar. That brings us up to date and now we are training for the Tour of Cambridgeshire 100-mile sportive! 

We’ll be sharing our progress and training with you all as ToC ambassadors so you can join our journey as we go from 0 – 100!

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Tour of Cambridgeshire moved to September 24th to 26th 2021

Following extensive consultations with all key stakeholders, event partners, suppliers, and the UCI, the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2021 has been moved to September 24th to 26th 2021.