Season's Greetings from the Tour of Cambridgeshire! - Tour of Cambridgeshire

Season’s Greetings from the Tour of Cambridgeshire!

Dear, Friends of the Tour of Cambridgeshire.

When relatives of Tom’s who live in Northern Italy phoned us in February to tell us about the horrific situation there and that there would be no chance of the Tour of Cambridgeshire taking place if the virus came to the UK, it seemed impossible to process.  A few short weeks later we were having to make the agonising decision to postpone the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2020. We simply could not believe it! After several very stressful days and weeks, we delivered the heart-breaking decision to you. It was amazing to receive the support, patience and understanding of our amazing community of riders and supporters. Moments like that make all of the stress worth it.

Along with that decision we immediately set about ensuring that we would have the finances and suppliers in place to deliver the event whenever the government permitted us. The whole events industry was thrown into the air and completely battered. Unfortunately, it looks like we will be the only fully closed-road 100-mile event left in the UK. It was with your incredible support that we have achieved this and we are immensely thankful to you, our amazing community of riders and supporters.

This year has of course been extremely challenging for everyone in our community. Some have lost loved ones, faced financial hardship, struggled with mental health, endured severe health issues and faced various other challenges throughout the year. Our hearts go out to all of you and our community is always here for you. We will get through all of this together. We extend our deepest gratitude to all the healthcare workers and all other key workers, in our community and across the globe, for their resilience and dedication throughout the pandemic.

With vaccination roll-out beginning, we are starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Whilst the road ahead is still rocky, we have spent the year preparing for all eventualities and are ready to deliver the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2021 in June or at later dates if government regulations force us to delay event delivery again.

In the meantime we have to continue living through some very challenging times, our cure is to be out on our bikes, although Tom can’t really keep up with anyone these days, which is actually great for social distancing purposes!

Malcolm and I first and foremost organise this event, with the aid of our fantastic team, for the love of our sport, and the fact is we love doing it.  We take it personally when things don’t quite go to plan, we learn and we improve. Despite what many think, we actually make our living elsewhere and every penny goes into event delivery. It is amazing what you can achieve with the fantastic support of the cycling community and some world-class partners. Looking ahead, we are very excited about the support we have from Canyon, Rapha, HIGH5, RS Components, Sportograf, Rutland Cycling, Big Plastic Pledge and our many other event partners, as well as our wonderful charity partners. Not forgetting our amazing Belgian colleagues at Golazo Sport, all of whom have been fantastic and are helping us to take a giant leap forward in terms of delivery of the Tour of Cambridgeshire 2021 and several other new events including the King’s Cup Gravel Festival and another thrilling event launching in early 2021. Keep your eyes peeled for all these exciting developments.

We are committing to full transparency in our preparation for the challenging year ahead. Starting in early 2021, we’ll be keeping you updated with our event plans, contingency plans, challenges we encounter, and the overall complexity of organising mass participation events after, what will hopefully be, the end of a pandemic.

We are confident that with the backing of our new and existing partners the Tour of Cambridgeshire will be bigger and better than anything we have done in the past and I have to give a big thank you to the team for making it all happen.

So we intend to stop stressing and get some miles in on the bike. We can all look forward with optimism in our hearts and a tailwind on our collective backs to the time when we will get to meet again on the start line of next year’s Tour of Cambridgeshire.

Have as good a Christmas and New Year as you can, please keep socially distanced on your bike, it’s good for all of our mental health, and see you next year.

Yours in the wonderful sport of cycling,



Tour of Cambridgeshire postponed to June 2022

It is with a heavy heart that, despite the Tour of Cambridgeshire team straining every sinew to deliver this year’s event, we have been forced to postpone the event to June 3rd – 5th 2022.


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