Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker - Tour of Cambridgeshire

Sherlock GPS Bike Tracker

Sherlock is an official partner of the Tour of Cambridgeshire (ToC). The device is an invisible GPS bike tracker. One of the ToC directors has been using it for the last few months to test it for his commute and is delighted with it.  The product is brand new to the UK market.

‘The product fits inside your handlebars, even drop bars, and is definitely invisible’ says Malcolm Smith.  ‘Sherlock comes with an app which, once your bike is put into park mode, sends you an alert if it is moved. The alert is in a form which can be passed to the police who can then see the location of the Sherlock tracker and recover your bike. It is a quick win for the police and their crime statistics. What’s not to like? I know so many riders in my network who have had their prized possessions stolen and even if insurance pays out for replacement the re-insurance is prohibitively expensive. It is best to get your bike(s) back if possible. A business colleague who has ridden ToC had his garage broken into and had three machines stolen including his Shiv and an S Works tarmac. He can no longer get meaningful insurance! I can see bike theft being more prevalent in the post Covid world with greater numbers of people riding bikes for commuting and leisure so bike security is going to be more and more important, particularly with increasing numbers of e-Bikes out there.

The product was reviewed in the Cyclist a couple of years ago when it launched in Europe

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